justB connected

May you find balance within the movement

So another China trip came and went. I have one less page in the the ole passport thanks to this world’s excessive need for visas. It wasn’t the finish we were hoping for however, the work is cut out for us, the goal is clear, and the team is of one mind. I finally learned not to resist homework. That I am better with it. Overwhelmed is exactly where I am meant to dwell. Balancing the Buzz with the Be.

Play for the sake of it...

GOD promised me GOLD. People have tried to tell me otherwise. Especially the “believers”… they say, “maybe not gold the way you think…” Did Peter check the surf conditions before he stepped out? I’ve checked the fear and doubt report and all I can find is that they live in the past and the future. That perfect LOVE has no room for either. It is here and now. I only have room in my boat for the “Frickin go for it Peter!!!” guys. Let’s get real! We’ve seen crazier things.


How do you support a competitor, a boat bailer? Bottom line is simply to have my back. It’s hard not to compare, analyze, and scrutinize every move. The voices build up in the mind. Everyone has an opinion and willingly shares it with those in the arena, those that perform and those with a platform. And as loud as it gets sometimes, it can be quite lonely in United metal for 14 hours, living out of a Samsonite hoping for an Air BnB sponsorship. However, on the move is way better than standing still. !

Just go press PLAY. Just for the JOY of it. I am merely willing to GO. I am available to show up and receive whatever GOLD my Creator has in store for me. The work has been done. 20 years of the grind, the grit, the practice and the persistence are all packed up tight into each cell of my body. With no clear path beyond Rio 2016, no plan B, I am here, now to JUST B!

Here I am. Send me. Isaiah 6:8!

Please pray with me that the LORD establish my steps. (Prov. 16:9)!

And boldly pray for victory. (Psalm 45 and 46)!