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What we do in life echoes throughout eternity


compete vs. compare!


anticipation vs. expectation!


One is healthy, one is detrimental. One you only concern yourself with your sword. The other you are violently removed from your wisdom, your knowing, your power. The winner of the Stavanger Major took home a Viking sword. Not kidding. I believe it to be one of the coolest trophies in sport. The irony of this is that I just finished Paulo Coehlo’s book The Pilgramage. In it he recounts his journey in Spain on the road to Santiago to reclaim his sword.

Camp Gladiatora

A part of me wants to be done. But the biggest question still lies in the story. How does it all end? I want to know what’s next but 8 year old Brittany Joy is holding me here. Because there is still Joy to be had. I’m not done with the sport or the sport is not done with me. But regardless I’m free. And what we do in life, echoes throughout eternity.


I LOVE travel days. It’s every man for himself. And we all just help each other get where we’re going.