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En Route

The most difficult assessment of and for an athlete is when to push and when to back off. When to try harder and when to try smarter. When to keep going and when to quit.

Life is the train, not the station

Greetings from the Lufthansa lounge in Munich! Life is crazy per usual this time of year but oh so good! I am flying from Moscow (I believe for the last time, thank GOD) to Trieste, Italy and really looking forward to this next stop. We played quite good in Prague (One of my most favorite cities in the world. There are supernatural vortex’s that can grab you and make you feel you’ve been there 1000 times for 1000 years) and made some strides.

Then had a not so good result in Moscow. Not hurt by it but, wanting to move forward as quickly as possible so we decided to hit the road and get ourselves to Poreč, Croatia. I am really excited for that one because I have never been to Croatia and it seems beautifully amazing! And less expensive, which always is nice. 



By: James Blake

Yesterday I turned 34 and I decided I wouldn't celebrate it with merely birthday borche (traditional Russian beat soup) but instead looking ahead at whats to come! It was the cold shower in yet another Russian apartment that made me feel too old for this life.The beaches of my motherland is where I choose to commemorate another spin around the sun! 

I am playing strong and I am healthy and the team is solid (we just need to close out matches which seems to be causing stress) so things in the working world are all good. Personally, I hope to find a tall, strong handsome man of the Italian, Slovenian, Croatian blood that makes me unpack my bags for good! Hahahaha! But SERIOUSLY ;) You can visit any time.

My palate is changing to something more simple. I love complexities, riddles, philosophies, theories and the space between the ears is a fun place to play. Our mind is a valuable tool and at times I feel like a life scientist putting my own hypothesis and beliefs to the test by living it out, sometimes at my own expense.

But then there is the artist that wants to move and do and be with serious lack of perfection and revel in the twists and turns of the story. The whole brain. The whole spirit. The whole body. Present. And ready to bring it back to JOY. The simplicity of it all. I’ve done the hard things. I’ve earned the street cred. And now I choose to do it with ease. Like children. With effortlessness, knowingness, and a form of meaningful mastery. (Matt 18:3, 1Cor 14:20)

Is there anything I can do for you? 

I hope this finds you oh so well! 

Love and Light from this side of the rock.